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Costume reigns as the forefront of Androgyne parties.

The professional costume duo ‘The Baptists’ (Baptiste Pichaud and Baptiste Sorin) created costumes until April 2019, when Baptiste Pichaud started to create his own personal project: Baba Creation. Baba Creation generates many elements at Macadam including the array of costumes available at the entrance of Gloria parties, original hoods – kimonos – bodies and the demented apparel designed especially for the NYE edition at Macadam. As well as the above Baba Creation has constructed costumes inspired by the Androgyne feeling for directors such as Charlie Mars and Sourdoreille.

All the costumes are handcrafted by Baba Creation and the materials are usually second hand. Everything is found and made in Nantes.
Baba Creation’s identity sits between extravagance and elegance and continues to create boundless deviances within attire.

A la fête Androgyne, ses costumes. Les oeuvres du duo de costumiers professionnels Les Baptistes (Baptiste Pichaud et Baptiste Sorin) jusqu’en avril 2019. Baptiste Pichaud poursuit depuis son projet personnel : Baba Création. Le bar à costumes de Gloria, les personnages incarnés dans les vidéos de Charlie Mars ou de Sourdoreille, nos bodies et kimonos invraisemblables, les accoutrements frasques des NYE à thème,…

Tout est ici pensé et conçu artisanalement, priorisant la récupérations de matériaux, réalisé à Nantes. La rencontre entre l’extravagance et élégance, la déviance costumière infinie.

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